adj. & n.
1 a splendid, magnificent, imposing, dignified. b solemn or lofty in conception, execution, or expression; noble.
2 main; of chief importance (grand staircase; grand entrance).
3 (Grand) of the highest rank, esp. in official titles (Grand Cross; grand vizier; Grand Inquisitor).
4 colloq. excellent, enjoyable (had a grand time; in grand condition).
5 belonging to high society; wealthy (the grand folk at the big house).
6 (in comb.) in names of family relationships, denoting the second degree of ascent or descent (granddaughter).
7 (Grand) (in French phrases or imitations) great (grand army; Grand Monarch; Grand Hotel).
8 Law serious, important (grand larceny) (cf. COMMON, PETTY).
1 = grand piano.
2 (pl. same) (usu. in pl.) esp. US sl. a thousand dollars or pounds.
Phrases and idioms:
grand aunt a great-aunt (see GREAT adj. 11). grand duchy a State ruled by a grand duke or duchess. grand duke (or duchess)
1 a prince (or princess) or noble person ruling over a territory.
2 (Grand Duke) hist. the son or grandson of a Russian tsar. grand jury esp. US Law a jury selected to examine the validity of an accusation prior to trial.
grand master
1 a chess-player of the highest class.
2 the head of a military order of knighthood, of Freemasons, etc. Grand National a steeplechase held annually at Aintree, Liverpool. grand nephew (or niece) a great-nephew or -niece (see GREAT adj. 11). grand opera opera on a serious theme, or in which the entire libretto (including dialogue) is sung. grand piano a large full-toned piano standing on three legs, with the body, strings, and soundboard arranged horizontally and in line with the keys.
grand slam
1 Sport the winning of all of a group of championships.
2 Bridge the winning of 13 tricks. grand total the final amount after everything is added up; the sum of other totals. grand tour hist. a cultural tour of Europe, esp. in the 18th c. for educational purposes.
grandly adv. grandness n.
Etymology: ME f. AF graunt, OF grant f. L grandis full-grown

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